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Professional Laminate Floor Installation Services in Northern, New Jersey, and Its Surrounding Areas

New Jersey Laminate Flooring Installers

Professional Laminate Floor Installation Services in Northern, NJ and surrounding areas 

Laminate wood floor and natural wood materials deliver on time-honored, elegant looks but may not handle long-term wear and tear as well as other materials. These materials are susceptible to scratches or excessive moisture and can take up to a week to cure when it comes to repairs or refinishes. 
A great option for those looking for an alternative is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has the same natural look as hardwood but is much more durable. Even better, it is easy to install and is incredibly cost-efficient. 
Strong Hardwood Floors has a showroom boasting a variety of laminate flooring with textures similar in appearance to wood or stone. We can install these quickly on-demand!
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Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is perfect for new homes, renovated or remodeled homes, rental properties, and commercial properties. Vinyl flooring offers the perfect balance of cost, durability, and style. 
These floors look great and are last long, making them the perfect fit for anyone looking for a cost-effective alternative to hardwood. Their water-resistant characteristics also make them well-suited for kitchens and bathrooms. Not to mention, “floating floor” setups are good solutions for homes that could use a design upgrade.

What are the Benefits of Installing Laminate Floors?

There are many reasons why people choose laminate or vinyl for their flooring needs, whether for functionality, design, or investment purposes. Here are a few specific benefits of laminate flooring.

Benefits of Installing Laminate Floors

Cost Efficient

Laminate Flooring and Vinyl flooring are cost-effective options when compared to hardwood floors. They are capable of delivering the same beautiful look with the added flexibility of installation.



Laminate floors are available in an infinite amount of colors, textures, and finishes. They are elegant, tough, and versatile in any room. Luxury finishes are also available for that super modern look!


Safe & Clean

Since laminate floors and vinyl floors are constructed with synthetic materials, maintaining and clean your floors are super easy. Most laminate flooring products can be cleaned with common household products.



Laminate and vinyl floors are constructed by fusing together a multi-layer of synthetic flooring products through a lamination process. As a result, laminate floors can last for 10-years without needing repair.



Most laminate flooring is waterproof, making it easy to protect and clean if minor flooding occurs. Laminate flooring can be an excellent option for areas of a home that experience heavy traffic or are at risk for water damage.

How are Laminate Floors Constructed?

Laminate floors provide a cost-effective way to completely transform any residential or commercial space. With their strong construction and durability, laminate and vinyl flooring are popular products for homeowners and business owners. Here's how most laminate floors are constructed:

  • Back Layer

    The back layer adds support and structure to the panel. It is also moisture-resistant. We can also install an optional padded layer below laminate flooring for heat retention, softness, and noise reduction. 

  • Core Layer

    High-density design for strength and durability, usually fiberboard and resin. 

  • Decorative Layer

    Printed pattern and natural design (hardwood, stone, etc.). Laminate floors offer an endless selection of styles, textures 

  • Surface Layer

    Stain-resistant, protective finish, clear, usually imprinted with natural textures for added realism. 

Best Laminate Flooring Installations and Services in Northern, New Jersey, and Its Surrounding Areas

We Offer the Best Laminate Flooring Installation and Service

Strong Hardwood Floors caters to any and all needs. Whether you are a new homeowner, a business looking to enhance your look, or a landlord looking for a quick repair, our team will always make sure you get the right materials at the right price. 
We deliver fast, high-quality installations on a daily basis to homeowners and commercial property owners in New Jersey and guarantee exceptional customer service and satisfaction. 
Give us a call at (201) 303-2558 or reach out for a free estimate!

Why Choose Us For Your Next Flooring Project?


Experience you can trust.

Strong Hardwood Floors has over 10 years of experience in bringing our client's dream floors to life. We have helped hundreds of residential and commercial property owners realize their vision with expert advice and installation. We re-energize a room or business is high-quality flooring.


Certified Technicians

Strong Hardwood Floors and our trained technicians are certified with the latest installation and sustainability guidelines. We work with the leading flooring manufacturers to fully understand the ideal installation conditions and specifications.


Insured and With Love 

Simply put: We Love What We Do. We put passion into every project and go the extra mile to ensure every client is happy with the results and outcomes. We are fully insured. Providing you with the confidence and assurance that every project will be done right, the first time.

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